What to do on a “Staycation” – become a tourist in your neighborhood!


Do you feel the call of the adventure? Sometimes all you need is a change of scene. But that does not mean you should spend tons of money on airfare, gas and accommodation.

So last couple of years people started going on so-called “staycations”. Basically, it is a shiny term for going out of your own house for the purpose of relaxing. The key is treating the day spent out like a real vacation.

It can be baffling how little locals know about their own town, country, state or neighborhood. They often neglect great local spots to explore far off locations or just assume they’ll go there some other day.  So there should be some places around, that you have not visited and fun activities you have not yet tried. If you are not sure where to go, ask other locals! There are many sites like TripTogether.com where travelers can give you tips about hidden gems in your neighborhood.

  1. Go on a bike tour: There are many colorful bike trails that allow you to leisurely  enjoy picturesque views. Also… workout!
  2. Try a local movie theatre.  Find a small movie theatre that still shows old movies and take trip down nostalgia lane.
  3. Check a local show.  It can be entertaining to see a small stand-up show or a jazz concert in your neighborhood.
  4. Go shopping.  Try small local shops, that offer homemade food, old books and knick-knacks to decorate your house or vintage shops to scout for clothes.
  5. Go on a boat cruise.  Though it sounds touristy, you can actually enjoy it a great deal. Some of the tours offer dinner and life music.
  6. Try a new sport.  Tennis, golf, fencing or horse-riding, there are most likely enthusiasts, who would tell you where to try out a new active hobby in your community.
  7. Take a hike.  Walking is the best way to explore new picturesque spots. Plus it is a very healthy form of exercise. So grab some comfy shoes, a picnic bag and hit the road
  8. Go to the local beach or pool. A day by the water can be truly relaxing. And if you live far from the ocean, just scout for a local pond, lake or a community swimming pool. Ready your floaty matrasses and enjoy.


No matter what you decide to do, remember to relax and deviate from the daily routine. Only then a small staycation can turn into a real adventure.