Travel like a local: embrace the culture of local markets


Any seasoned traveler finds special joy in exploring a new destination from within. It ideally it is not limited to sightseeing. An ideology of “When in Rome…” is ringing true now more than ever, since travelers tend to dig information about the best spots and even contact locals thtough sites like in order to get the full experience.

One of the ways of truly getting acquainted with a new destination is diving straight to the source of local city life of the community. Want to see how it functions? Head to a local market. Some of markets have become truly iconic places you cannot miss. La Boqueria is Barcelona with food stands that entice you with mouthwatering smells, Saturday market in Portland with colorful jewelry and artists or the night markets in Bangkok, which offer a carnival festive atmosphere and offer a huge array of goods to browse, taste exotic snacks, hop in bars with live music to keep everyone in good spirits. They are the perfect antidote to the ever expanding shopping mall culture that is conquering the city.

But don’t miss out on visiting smaller, more neighborhood markets for a cozier vibe.

Want to buy a souvenir, but don’t have any more space from magnets on your fridge? How about buying something from a local vendor! Not only you show support, but also have a chance to chat to those, who would gladly land an ear.

Furthermore, markets are an important social event in the life of a community. It is a meeting spot that fosters friendly interaction. They have become a cool cultural scene, where you can encounter not only foodies and families with kids, but artists, performers, people from all walk of life. It is the spot to study local culture, observe environment and to see some downright beautiful food and produce.