Life on the road: how to travel for free


From time to time we stumble on these enticing stories about young people, who have quit their jobs, left everything behind and went on an around the world trip.

Managers who turned traveling nomads –they document their everyday adventures in blogs and videos.

They tell fantastic stories about how being on the road changed their whole life and tilted their values and perspective.

Jealous much?

Living the dream

Yes, it all sounds fantastic, before you realize, how much money you need on a single vacation, let alone a whole tour.

Accommodations, airfare, trains, buses, food to sustain yourself. All of this can leave a gaping hole in your pocket.

So how do these travelers manage to stay on the road? Here are several tips, gathered from experienced bloggers.

1) Save money on airfare

The key is to book tickets way in advance. Plus various companies drop promo codes every now and then. Also don’t forget to acquire a decent miles card – the more you travel, the less you will have to pay.

2) Accommodation

Find friendly locals, who will be willing to give you shelter, or try couchsurfing. It is not as scary, as it sounds. Many services, like allow users to find people in every corner of the world, who will give you great tips on how to survive in their native city.

3) Find small jobs

Many bloggers do freelance work, but sometimes even this income is not enough. A good idea is to find part-time jobs. But what to do, if a person does not speak the language? Well, networking, social networks and services can help with that. You never know, whose acquaintance needs a pair of extra hands at a local cafe.

4) Become a part of a Community

Get friendly and useful to people from the neighborhood. There are many organizations and groups who offer nifty information, good company and sometimes even free food.

5) Avoid the trap

And we are talking about souvenirs. They cost a lot, and the temptation is very big. And if you really want to buy that magnet for you refrigerator, do it in a place far from tourist attractions. And never, never at an airport.

6) Be open to food

Learn to get friendly with local food. Common fast foods cost way more, than street dishes. Also tasting new cusine is one of the joys of traveling

7) Take your time.

Don’t rush to move to another country. Saviour what you can. Most of the time real hidden gems are a long way from the capital. This way you can save up on costly transportation and really appreciate the place.