5 kinds of annoying travel partners

When you’re travelling, you’re always hoping to meet fun, exciting, liberated souls who will match your outlook on life. But every once in a while, you’ll come across some folks who tend to dampen the mood.

Here’s a list of some of the kinds of people you can meet who you wouldn’t want to meet again:


  1. “Know-it-alls” are the kinds of people who will start and end each trip with hundreds of stories, facts and pieces of information about the place you’re visiting. But hey,  if you’re not Gandalf, you probably don’t know everything about everything and as tempting as it is, to tell your travel partners about every known fact and figure about the place you’re visiting together, sometimes it might be a better idea to hold back!
  2. We all love a good photo-op as much as the next person, but sometimes when you’re traveling and you happen to cross paths with a photographer, you’ll notice soon enough how every step is a stop-and-go since the photographer will want to capture every single waking moment. Steer clear of these types if you’re on a mission to have fun!
  3. You know the types – they stand and pose behind every tree and around every corner, they have a selfie stick ready at any given point in time, they know which angle shows off their curvy hips and how to pout like a professional. These are the people who will, almost as much as the photographer, hold you back from moving along your adventure trails because every scenery is an opportunity to pose.
  4. This is the type of person who will tell you they’ve travelled the world, that they’ve crossed the Great Wall of China and come back with a little Pekinese dog in their backpack, that  they know and have seen it all, but when you pit them against backpacking in Asia or hiking up a hill, suddenly they’re not too excited about lifting a finger.
  5. These types of people are the easiest to spot- they’re usually clad in designer wear and come rolling through town in the fanciest cars and yachts. These people will splurge on almost anything because money is free-flowing in their universe. It’s best to stay out of the paths of these people, unless you yourself are on already, because you’ll most likely never be able to match up to their lifestyle.