Top 10 Destinations to Visit in December

by Anita Covic

Time for creativity, inspiration, family, Christmas songs, smiles, hugs, and fluffy-cozy sweaters. Some would say that December, “the month of the light” is a time for forgiveness, happiness, and love. It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy warm apple cider next to the family fireplace, but an even better time to plan your next travel adventure!

Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years— no matter how you celebrate the holidays, there’s always something to do and places to go. Due to the many discounts on travel arrangements (to visit some of the most exotic and beautiful destinations in the world), December is the ideal month to rack up on travel savings.

Here at TripTogether, we hope this top-10 list will give you further travel inspiration for the month of December.

1. Nassau, the Bahamas


Temperature: The month of December is characterized by gradually falling daily high temperatures. Throughout the month, the daily high is around 79°F (usually only exceeding 84°F or dropping below 73°F one out of ten days).

With the appeal of a big city and the simplistic tranquility of a tropical nirvana, Nassau is considered by many to be “heaven on earth.” Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, is a lively metropolitan center full of culture and modern facilities. To the north lies Paradise Island, known as an isolated sanctuary surrounded by crystal-clear water and sheltered by whizzing palms.

Ruby colored sunsets, pearly sand beaches, and glittering skies— Nassau is known as a natural travel spa for many. For an authentic Bahamian experience all you need to do is relax and enjoy picturesque landscapes, because on Nassau, life is simple. Nassau appears to be a holistic get-away for many travelers.

Many travel agencies offer cost-effective packages to all parts of Bahamas, especially during the Holiday season. Therefore, pack lightly and experience this intriguing and bucolic “princess” of the magnificent and warm Bahamas.

2. Cancun


Temperature: December is a very cool time to visit Cancun, Mexico. This time of year high temperatures average is 82 degrees, and lows are around 70.

Sunny Cancun is known as the trendiest place along the tropical Yucatán Peninsula. The waters here are crystal-clear and the sand beaches are champagne-powder colored. Plenty of stunning, all-inclusive family resorts provide an unforgettable and elevating experience with Mariachi bands on each corner, unlimited food, drinks, warm waters, and a prodigious night-life. What’s even better are the fun day- excursions— like the one to the Isla de Mujeres, a stunning, exclusive little island not too far away from Cancun.

Romantic evenings on the island, surreal sunsets, diving among amazing coral reefs, shopping in local markets, discovering pre-Hispanic cultures and remains, and dancing the night away are just some of the activities that this lovely island offers. Whatever your travel preferences are, a trip to Cancun is sure to be filled with excitement and adventure. The beauty of the Mexican Caribbean will warm your soul.

3. St. Martin


Temperature: The average annual temperature is 80.6°F, peaking at around 89.6°F. Temperatures rarely drop below 68°F.

The delights of St. Martin are almost mythical: from its stunning wilderness to its white-powder beaches. St. Martin is as much a part of France as Paris or Nice, yet everybody speaks English. The island offers sun worshippers a wild experience— with rain forest-like landscapes, remarkable beaches intermingled with sea grapes, coconut trees, and palm trees. St. Martin is a perfect place to put all the worries of the world behind you, and live in the moment as you enjoy the true pleasures that this island offers.

4. Key West

Key West

Temperature: The month of December is characterized by gradually falling daily high temperatures. Daily highs are around 76°F throughout the month, exceeding 82°F or dropping below 67°F only one out of ten days.

Recognized for its peaceful beaches and unconventional inhabitants (with free spirited viewpoints), Key West offers a stress-free environment with surprising seaside adventure. Visiting Ernest Hemingway’s unique home will give you a more historical approach into your travel, and you will get to see where he wrote for more than ten years! Calling Key West home, he found comfort and great mental relief in the turquoise waters that surround this petite island.

5. Kiribati


Temperature: The Climate of Kiribati can be described as a hot, dry-tropical climate with steady temperatures above 80 F all year round.

Located in the equatorial pacific, Kiribati (part of Gilbert Islands) offers world class fishing and a unique cultural experience. You will get to explore historic sites and see countless artifacts .It is well known that the Kiribati people still live on coconuts, breadfruit, and fish as they have done for centuries. Most locals live in traditional raised wooden cabins. However, there’s a rising urban influence from the outside islands to Tarawa. Kiribati is a Perfect vacation destination for pleasing your soul and mind while taking in sun on this beautiful Island.

6. San Juan, Puerto Rico

10 Mar 2007, San Juan, Puerto Rico --- Calle del Cristo in Old San Juan --- Image by © Atlantide Phototravel/Corbis

Temperature: The month of December is characterized by pretty constant daily high temperatures that are around 83°F throughout the month, exceeding 87°F or dropping below 80°F only one-in-ten days.

Learn more about true Puerto Rican culture, by visiting San Juan. Given its rich history, San Juan is known as one of the most fabulous cities. The exciting neighborhood of El Viejo San Juan (Old San Juan), encompasses mostly colonial Spanish buildings. A must see is El Castillo San Felipe del Morro, a 16th century citadel that’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Afterwards, treat yourself to a refreshing swim at Carolina Beach, complete with a flavorsome tour of the Bacardi rum plant.

7. Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos

Temperature: December temperatures in Turks and Caicos range from an average low of 75.0 degrees to an average high of 82.0 degrees.

Travelers can unwind in the unique tranquility, hospitality, and splendor of these islands. The island offers an entirely authentic experience. You can explore the black coral and underwater extensions of Black Forest, or take an opportunity to enjoy the perky light-green waters of Chalk Sound. The Caicos Conch Farm and bird reservation (on the unpopulated French Cay) offer visitors an exclusive way to integrate with local wildlife. In addition to all this, upscale world-recognized hotels, spas, and restaurants embody a true oasis for endless peace and relaxation.

8. Antigua


Temperature: average temperatures in December range from 79° F to 84°F

As a “little slice of paradise,” exotic Antigua is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It consists of 108 square miles of gorgeous seaside. Having 365 white sand beaches, and an extensive range of outdoor happenings and entertainment, Antigua is one of the most attractive Caribbean holiday and vacation destinations. St. John, the capital city of Antigua, offers its visitors the opportunity to see and experience farmers markets, colorful architecture, and the remains of sugar plantations.

According to many travelers Antigua is nothing short of excellent!

9. Aruba


Temperature: Positioned completely outside hurricane reach, average daytime temperatures are around 82° Fahrenheit, and are under the continuous cooling effect of trade winds.

Aruba, is a miniature Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela. It offers a variety of activities, has perfect weather, and hosts many first-class beaches. Aruba also has a great history and culture. Eagle Beach is a serene Caribbean beach, with golden sands and turquoise waters that are often visited by surf fans. Palm Beach (on the island’s west side) offers unspoiled nature and exciting diving opportunities.

10. St. Lucia

St Lucia

Temperature: St. Lucia’s temperatures vary from 65 to 85 degrees (from December to May) and 75 to 95 degrees (from June to November).

St. Lucia is located between Martinique and St. Vincent. It has the Atlantic Ocean on its eastern coast, and the beaches of the west coast sit along the warm Caribbean Sea. In terms of nature: beautiful palm-beaches, unspoiled tropical rain forest, mineral springs, the grandiose Piton Mountains, and stunning cascades are just some of the undomesticated attractions that you’ll come across. Other St. Lucia offerings include: fun land and water activities, breath-taking sights, and pleasant natives. These are just some of the many reasons you’ll want to pick St. Lucia as your Caribbean vacation destination!

Therefore, dive in into the magnificent and exotic adventure this holiday season!