Top 10 Destinations to Visit in November

As leaves begin to fall more rapidly and days become shorter, the idea of a vacation becomes more appealing than ever. If you have time, we suggest you pack your bags now and head off for a great escape! November is the ideal month for just that; you can escape the cool fall temperatures and the approaching holiday peak season madness. What better way to forget the upcoming winter blues than lying on a beach in Hawaii and sipping on a cocktail? If that’s not your thing, then maybe an orangutan-filled adventure in Borneo will get your spirit “winter-ready”. Here at TripTogether, we compiled a list of top 10 November travel destinations that will fit every traveler’s needs. 

 1. Skopje, Macedonia

This hidden gem located in the Balkans is a great destination for those seeking something new – a non-clichéd place to travel to. Macedonia has an awfully interesting history, as it was a part of the biggest ancient empires (Greek, Roman and Ottoman). Make sure to visit some of its fascinating museums and significant churches.

Credit: VR Photos /

Credit: VR Photos /


Temperatures average around 43°F/6°C

Things to Do in Skopje in November

● Mountain of Vodno

If you love the outdoors, then take some warm clothes and go for a trek up this mountain. On your way up, you will stumble upon some WWII ruins and, at the peak, you will find the 66-meter-high “Millennium Cross” which the city is known for.

● Old Bazaar

Great place to take a walk and buy some trinkets, souvenirs and unique antiques. This part of town will show you the more traditional side of Skopje, and at night you can enjoy a cold beer at one of the local bars.

● Lake Ohrid

Even though the November chills are already here, a weekend trip to Ohrid is a must when visiting Macedonia. Take a ferry during the day, which will take you to the scenic monastery of St. Naum, and in the evening, enjoy a dinner at one of the local restaurants.

 Travel tip:  Chat to locals on TripTogether and ask if someone can be your personal native guide. This way, you will discover the most remarkable places!



2. San Antonio, Texas

Located in the American Southwest, San Antonio is a multicultural city and Texas’s number-one tourist destination. This festive jewel doesn’t lack in historical sites and landmarks (The Alamo!) nor in the more adrenaline-inducing attractions (SeaWorld). November is a great time to visit San Antonio, due to low precipitation and comfortable temperatures.

Credit: f11photo /

Credit: f11photo /


Temperatures average around 61°F/16°C

Things to Do in San Antonio in November

● River Walk

Enjoy a meal and a drink by the riverside in one of the multiple bars and restaurants after taking a boat ride or right before a shopping spree. A memorable experience is guaranteed in this central part of the city.

● The Alamo

Do not forget to see the famous historical monument and landmark of San Antonio. An audio tour is highly recommended to learn all about this important place, so significant to the history of Texas.

● El Mercado

For souvenirs, visit the El Mercado market, which will truly make you feel like you are in Mexico. Popular amongst both the tourists and the locals, this is yet another colorful attraction.

 Travel tip: On TripTogether, chat to locals of San Antonio about the hidden gems!



3. Cape Town, South Africa

One of the best times to visit Cape Town is November. This shoulder season means that there will be less crowds, good weather and lower prices; thus, the perfect time for a vacation. In November, the temperatures begin to rise. Therefore, you can spend a day relaxing at the beach. If you find the adventure spirit in you, then take a hike up the famous Table Mountain.

Credit: Andrea Willmore /

Credit: Andrea Willmore /


Temperatures average around 64°F/18°C

Things to Do in Cape Town in November

● Table Mountain

A vacation in Cape Town would never be complete without seeing the view from the renowned Table Mountain. You can take the cable car or, if you are feeling active, take the 2-hour hike to the top! Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes however!

● Clifton Beaches

When the sun shines, spend a day relaxing at one of the 4 beaches, but be aware that the Atlantic waters are usually too cold for a pleasant swim. Even though the ocean is cold, bring sunscreen in order to avoid a holiday-ruining sun burn.

● Wine Tour

A great way to escape the city is to indulge yourself with a wine tour. You will learn about the wine-making process and find out why South African wines are so popular. Make sure to bring your camera too, as most wineries are situated in picturesque locations.

 Travel tip: Walking is the easiest and cheapest way to get around the city, so be sure to get a map at your hotel or print one beforehand!


4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The city of Dubai is a perfect example of the new world meeting the old; from its magnificent skyscrapers reaching the clouds to its old traditional souks where you see and hear the Arabic world bustling. Fancy restaurants and gigantic shopping malls are two things Dubai is most known for, but if that’s not what you are about, there are plenty of other actives suited for everyone’s needs.

Credit: Ashraf Jandali /

Credit: Ashraf Jandali /


Temperatures average around 77°F/25°C

Things to Do in Dubai in November

● Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa rises over 820 meters above the ground, which makes it the tallest building in the world. The price for getting up to the highest observation deck, located on its 148th floor, is definitely worth it once you see the spectacular view.

● Dubai Mall

This mall is the dream of every shopaholic. It has over 1000 stores, a cinema complex, an ice rink, a gigantic aquarium, a variety of restaurants and even a gold souk. Be prepared to spend an entire day here!

● 4×4 Tour

To get out of Dubai’s glitz and glamour, take a 4×4 tour to the miraculous desert.  You will be taken on a memorable dune safari before getting the opportunity to enjoy a Bedouin feast with traditional entertainment after the sun sets.

 Travel tip: As Dubai is a Muslim country; remember to dress more conservatively when you are outside the compounds of your hotel.


5. Oahu, Hawaii

Even though Oahu is known to be “surfer’s paradise”, you don’t have to be a surfer to truly enjoy the beauty and liveliness of this Hawaiian island. Home to Hawaii’s largest city, Honolulu, Oahu has something for everyone; from a vibrant metropolis to a calm oasis. Search for a travel mate on TripTogether and enjoy all the perks of traveling together!

Credit: cleanfotos /

Credit: cleanfotos /


Temperatures average around 81°F/27°C

Things to Do in Oahu in November

● Waikiki Beach

An ideal place to chill from the busy city of Honolulu, Waikiki Beach has a wide assortment of activities for you: surfing, snorkeling and sunbathing are just a few.

● Iolana palace

If a rainy day catches you during your vacation, take an excursion to this Palace filled with Hawaiian history. Every Friday you can listen to the Royal Hawaiian Band on the Palace grounds which will certainly not fail to impress.

● Pacific Skydiving Center

Perhaps it’s time to cross sky-diving off your bucket list! The view of the ocean and mountains is simply to die for, so don’t forget to purchase pictures or a video of your chute jump – they will make a wonderful profile picture for your social platforms.

 Travel tip: If time allows, take a boat tour to see Earth’s largest ocean mammals – the marvelous whales.


6. Hong Kong, China

Let the size of the city not fool you as Hong Kong will keep every traveler busy, no matter how long your vacation is. If you are a foodie, you might just as well move to Hong Kong, as wherever you go, you will find Chinese street food and aromatic teas. In November, you can avoid the drenching humidity, so you can get the best out of your trip.

Credit: Iakov Kalinin /

Credit: Iakov Kalinin /


Temperatures average around 71°F/22°C

Things to Do in Hong Kong in November

Lanatu Island

This is a trip that you must include in your itinerary. Lanatu Island is the home of the “Big Buddha” monument, Po Lin Monastery and Hong Kong Disneyland. To get to the island, we recommend taking the cable car. This way you will see the breathtaking sights of Hong Kong.

● Mong Kok

This is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, but don’t let that turn you off.  This is the place to get the best bargains – each street specializes in a certain good, so you can do all your shopping in one place!

● Victoria Peak

Take the “Peak Tram” to the top of the mountain and enjoy the fascinating views of the Hong Kong skyline and harbor. Avoid going there during the weekends however, as it tends to get extremely crowded.

 Travel tip: Buy an Octopus card which you can use for public transport and in convenience stores. Great way to save time!


7. Borneo

This beautiful tri-national island is shared by Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Being the largest Asian island and it is the perfect tropical paradise worthy of exploration in its entirety.  Borneo is also home to the world’s oldest rainforest that hosts a vast plethora of our planet’s flowering species and animal wildlife.

Credit: BlueOrange Studio /

Credit: BlueOrange Studio /


Temperatures average around 81°F/27°C

Things to Do in Borneo in November

● Tanjung Puting National Park

A trip into the depths of the natural environment of Borneo’s wildlife is certainly a visit to Tanjung Putting. See spectacular exotic animals, ranging from orangutans and macaques to birds and even reptiles, by taking a Klotok (boat) tour along the Sekonyer River.

● Lok Baintan Floating Market

To experience the most colorful breakfast of your life, it is worth to wake up before the sunrise and take a rented boat to Lok Baintan. You will have the chance to watch the sun rise with a hot cup of coffee in your hands and then shop for mouthwatering fruits.

● Meratus Mountains

Certainly a hike worth bringing your camera on, trekking through the Meratus Mountains will leave you astounded by the wilderness and its incredible views. You will also have the opportunity to meet the Dayak tribal people and raft on a bamboo boat. 

Travel tip: Booking a guided tour in Borneo is highly recommended, in order to be able to see all of its beauty.


8. Sicily, Italy

A keeper of dynasties of archaeological history, Sicily is an autonomous island of Italy. It is home to Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in the European region. That, however, has never stopped Sicily’s tourist visitors and neither should it stop you. In fact, you should take the cable car and go right up the mountain to see the fantastic views before seeing everything else the island has to offer.

Credit: Anna Lurye /

Credit: Anna Lurye /


Temperatures average around 56°F/13°C

Things to Do in Sicily in November

● Ortygia

Ortygia is a wonderful little town to stroll around exploring. Filled with restaurants, bars, museums and markets, you will always find something to do here!

● Valley of the Temples (Valle dei Templi)

Travel back in time by seeing the real architecture of the temples built by our far distant ancestors. November is the perfect month to go, as the heat is not so intense, allowing you to take many more photos of this must-see location.

● Greek Theatre

To further immerse yourself in Syracuse history, this amphitheater is well worth the visit. The ruins are truly magnificent and they are known to occasionally host modern theatrical performances.

Travel tip: Rent a car as it is easier to get around from one point of interest to the next.


9. Wellington, New Zealand

Positioned between the Northern and Southern islands, Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand. It is the most cultural part of the country and it is known for its strong winds, which you may come across in November. Not to worry, however, because this time of year the temperatures are mild, making it a great time to explore Wellington fully.

Credit: VR Photos /

Credit: VR Photos /


Temperatures average around 57°F/14°C

Things to Do in Wellington in November

● Wellington Cable Car

To start discovering Wellington, take a ride on the cable car – an affordable way to see some great views of the city from a height. Spectacular tunnel light shows will also leave you pleasantly surprised on your way up.

● Museum of New Zealand

Known to be an ultimate must-see in Wellington, a visit to this museum will give you many interesting facts about New Zealand as a country. The museum has tons to see so it is best to dedicate a whole day!

● Mount Victoria

For a 360-degree view of the city, hike up Mount Victoria on a non-cloudy day. This is certainly the kind of location to get the prefect shot with your camera. Oh, and you may recognize some fantastic locations from the great trilogy ‘Lord of the Rings’.

 Travel tip: Dress in layers to enjoy your time even in the infamous winds.


10. Barbados

An island just 23 by 34 kilometers in area, Barbados is itself a sovereign country and one of the world’s prominent destinations to travel to. Largely populated by Afro-Caribbean Barbadians, English is the official language so getting around will not pose a challenge. With lots of great beaches as well as amazing local food, Barbados is certainly a Caribbean must-see. 

Credit: Berit Watkin /

Credit: Berit Watkin /


Temperatures average around 81°F/27°C

Things to Do in Barbados in November

● Hunte’s Gardens

These magnificent tropical gardens are bound to leave you wanting to come back. The owner Anthony is known to be quite hospitable and attentive to the gardens’ rich and vibrant foliage. Who knows, you may even get treated to a glass of rum!

● Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay is known to have some of the greatest beaches in Barbados. Rent some beach chairs or sun beds and enjoy the sunshine all day long having food at one of the beach restaurants. 

● Nicholas Abbey

Fancy visiting an authentic rum distillery? This is your place. You can get a free rum-tasting tour as well as a tour of the grounds and the distillery itself. The rum has been called divine by all who visited so far.

Travel tip: Use public transit! It is a great way to get around and it also saves you money.



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