Fall is for Cruisin’

by Erica Lasan

If you are over 55 and cruising is your ideal holiday, keep reading as this article is for you! Now that the kids have flown out of the nest towards adulthood, it’s your time to have some fun and relax! Transitioning into the brisker season may signify the end of vacation for some, but for many, the fun is just beginning—especially for cruise enthusiasts!

Credit: Chad Sparkes / Flickr

Credit: Chad Sparkes / Flickr

Outside of the luxury of island hopping that cruising stereotypically offers, there are also the all-inclusive accommodation options, with attractions and amenities like nightclubs, casinos, dance lessons, various bars and restaurants. Some lines even offer outrageous fun-like theme parks (for the kid that lives in all of us).  With so many entertainment options, what’s not to like about cruises?

While some may believe that cruising is best done in the summer, it can be argued that fall is the better season to take to the great seas!  Given everything mentioned above, one would probably say “the only thing that could make the idea of cruising even better is saving money, or getting paid to do it…” Well, we may not be able to pay you to vacay, but we’re about to share some information that will make your day a lot sweeter and keep your wallet fat- fall is also the best season to cruise at a discounted price!

Just call us your personal genie because we’re about to take you on a magic carpet ride of the best Cruise Bargains for this time of year— highlighting the best regions and lines to travel with for a cruisin’ experience…

 Why fall is the better time to go on a cruise

Credit: CHEN MIN CHUN / Shutterstock.com

Credit: CHEN MIN CHUN / Shutterstock.com

By avoiding the sweltering heat of summer, you’ll experience cooler fall temperatures, which make for a more pleasant journey on the high-seas.  The ports are less packed, there are fewer passengers on board, there are options for longer travel itineraries, and hurricane season isn’t rearing its ugly head.

During peak cruising season, a lot of the more popular cruise lines are typically traveling from one warm climate to another, around the Caribbean, Bahamas, or the BVIs.  Consider how refreshing the trip to the islands would be if coming from colder temperatures!


The best places to travel during the Fall Season

During the off-peak season, many cruises offer the option of  visiting less-traveled areas, as well as some scenic and cultured options: Alaska, New England/Canada, The Caribbean (*sigh,* if you’re not quite ready for summer to be over), and Transatlantic cruises that can take you across the world.


The best cruise lines to travel with during the fall season

Vlada Z / Shutterstock.com

Credit: Vlada Z / Shutterstock.com

Aside from the obviously anticipated R & R, there a couple of options to consider when looking into a cruise vacation (depending on what you’re looking to get out of your cruise experience):

  • Are you traveling solo or with a travel buddy?
  • How long do you want the trip itinerary to be?
  • Do you want a scenic cruise or an expedition cruise?
  • Do you want the cruise destination to be exotic or something nostalgic?
  • What kind of enrichment programs would most interest you while on-board?

With these things in mind, now it’s time to talk money.  The cost of your vacation at sea can vary greatly depending on your lodging options.  Choices include: interior rooms (least expensive), ocean view, balcony, and suite (most expensive).  In addition to this, other pricing factors for consideration include: how long the cruise itinerary is, and the departure port location in comparison to the final docking destination. Having deliberated over all of the factors mentioned so far,here on TripTogether, we’ve compiled a list of the best cruise options for the fall season (for an average trip off 11 days at sea or less).  Starting with commercial cruises and working up to luxury— with many of the adventures being discounted at about 70% – there are prices suited to tickle anyone’s fancy!


Carnival Cruises– Starting at $169 and ranging to $2509

Popular destinations are mainly Florida, the Caribbean, California, the Mexican Riviera, and an option for a 10-day tour of the Mediterranean. View Prices


Royal Caribbean – Starting at $168 and ranging to $2774

Royal Caribbean is a commercial cruise favorite.  Travel options and destinations range from the Northeast US, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the Mediterranean and Greek Isles.  If you’re looking for a streamlined and relaxing cruise experience to be enjoyed by all, while being cost efficient and causing little fuss— this could be the cruise line for you! View Prices


Norwegian– Starting at $199 and ranging to $2699

For a commercial cruise line, Norwegian offers quite a range of travel options in various regions of the world for amazing prices at this time of the year.  These destinations include, but are not limited to: Florida and the Caribbean, Louisiana, New York, the Mexican Riviera, European and Mediterranean tours, as well as extended cruise tours throughout South America, and Hawaii. View Prices


Celebrity Cruises– Starting at $249 and ranging to $2699

Fancy accommodations, with travel options from Florida and the Caribbean, to Italy and the Greek Isles, and as far out as Alaska. View Prices


Princess Cruises– Starting at $649 and ranging to $7798

Looking to travel like a royal without breaking the bank?  Sailing to destinations all over the world, Princess Cruises is known for its luxurious amenities, extended stay cruises and travel to far-out and exotic locations. View Prices


Cunard Cruises– Starting at $599 and ranging to $10,548

Prices largely depend on your room and boarding options.  This British cruise fleet travels anywhere from England to North America(including Canada and New York), the Caribbean, and even as far as Australia, and China! View Prices


Holland America Line– Starting at $699 and ranging to $5499

Having a rich history at sea, Holland America cruises offer the option of traditional cruising with a modern touch.  This cruise line travels pretty much anywhere in the world accessible by port, including: the Bahamas and the Caribbean, all of Europe, Alaska, Panama, and South America, just to name a few. View Prices


Windstar Cruises– Starting at $899 and ranging to $5299

This luxury cruise line has a fleet of smaller ships and offers a more upscale and intimate travel experience.  Destinations range from the Caribbean and Virgin Islands, to Spain, the Greek Isles and Turkey, and even Tahiti among other places. View Prices


Places to find the most discounted cruise options

Credit: Oleksandr Lysenko / Shuttestock.com

Credit: Oleksandr Lysenko / Shuttestock.com

Now that you’re armed with all of this information, and more than likely daydreaming about days floating at sea—are you looking to make that dream a reality and head out on the waters?  Well, that’s what we were hoping, so we’ve included a couple links below to help jump-start your search!  If you’re over 55, don’t forget to ask about additional discount options that may be available for seniors including the use of AARP.  Happy cruising!








Interested in getting out and seeing the world, but not quite convinced that you want to travel on the water?  No problem!  Head over to www.triptogether.com for interesting tips from fellow travelers and great advice from locals!