Top 10 Destinations to Visit in October

Summer is officially over and shadows are growing longer, but instead of getting sad, start planning your next wander! This October, embrace the poetic beauty of the foliage changing colors or, if crisp weather is not your thing, then escape to somewhere warm and fill your body with sunshine.  So where to go in October? Maybe to Romania, where a visit to Dracula’s castle will put you in a Halloween spirit; or perhaps a visit to a “World Wonder” in Jordan, which will take you back in time to the to the ancient Nabataean civilization. Here at TripTogether, we hope this top-10 list will give you further travel inspiration for the month of October.

1. Kerala, India

“God’s Own Country” is a well-suited slogan for the Kerala region. With its palm-fringed beaches, forested hills, picturesque rivers and stunning lagoons, it is a real tropical paradise.  In October, the monsoon season is coming to an end, which means the temperatures are warm but you will be experiencing some showers. Don’t let that put you off – this is the reason why Kerala becomes fresh and lushly green.

Credit: /

Credit: /


Temperatures average around 81°F/27°C

Things to Do in Kerala in October

● Houseboat Tour (Photo above)

Travel to Alapuzha, which is also known as the “Venice of the East”, and take a cruise on a traditional houseboat. Most cruises come with a candlelight dinner, which is certainly not to be missed.

● Ayurvedic Treatment

The region of Kerala is famous for its Ayurvedic spa treatments.  Ayurveda is a healing system which dates back many thousands of years. Thus, you can trust that these treatments will leave you feeling young and completely rejuvenated.

● Food Tour

You are in India, so you have no excuses not to do a food tour.  Ask locals to help you figure out where the best places are to indulge in traditional Indian cuisine. The different spices and flavors will leave your taste buds dancing!

Travel tip: If you have the chance, go see a Kathakali performance – a classical Indian drama-dance.

2. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia. Its stunning architecture and rich history give it the ideal classic southern vibe.  In October, there are plenty of exciting events happening, but the most notable one is probably “The Savannah Film Festival”. Don’t miss it! Oh, and the creepy cemeteries will certainly serve as a reminder that Halloween is coming up.

Credit: Sean Pavone /

Credit: Sean Pavone /


Temperatures average around 64°F/18°C

Things to Do in Savannah in October

Blue Orb Savannah Ghost Tours

This is a must-do, especially during the ghoul month of October. The tour might give you a scare but will also educate you in Savannah’s haunted history.

● Savannah Historic District

Walking around Savannah’s historic district is like taking a step back in time. This is the location to admire architecture, shop for unique items, listen to music and eat local southern food.

● Bonaventure Cemetery

Yes, you read correctly, we are recommending you to visit a cemetery! Take a stroll among the beautiful statues and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Travel tip:  Chat to locals on TripTogether and ask them about the history of this city! It’s something really worth knowing before your visit.

3. The Lake District, United Kingdom

The Lake District, or as the English simply call it “Lakes”, is definitely one for a road trip. Yes, in October it is cold and rainy (typical English weather), but this place is absolutely worth visiting. The national park is filled with lakes, valleys, woodlands and charming English cities. The fall colors of the foliage really give a fascinating autumn atmosphere and the morning fog gives this place a unique mystique.

Credit: Ian Duffield /

Credit: Ian Duffield /


Temperatures average around 48.5°F/9C

Things to Do at the Lake District in October

● Lake Windermere

This lake is the largest lake in all of England and probably one of the more spectacular ones. We suggest that you take a guided boat trip, or if the weather allows it, rent a rowboat and explore the lake by yourself. After your boat trip, head to a pub in the town of Windermere for a nice cold pint.

● Go Ape at Grizedale Forest Cumbria

 Explore the forest from above by taking this exciting zip-line course, which will leave you pumped up with adrenaline. This activity is for all the adventure-seekers out there!

● Dove Cottage

If you are a fan of literature, the Dove Cottage is your must-see. It was the home of the famous British poet William Wordsworth. When you visit the cottage be sure to also check out the adjacent museum which is filled with Wordsworth’s journals and letters.

Travel tip:  Take warm clothes and good waterproof shoes, as the weather is very unpredictable.

4. Jordan

What do biblical stories, Indiana Jones, and Lawrence of Arabia have in common? All are connected to Jordan. If you travel to this ancient and mystical country, try to include as many attractions as you can, as all of them will leave you utterly in awe. October is a great month to tour Jordan because it is still sunny but slightly cooler than the preceding months.

Credit: JPRichard  /

Credit: JPRichard  /


Temperatures average around 68°F/20°C

Things to Do in Jordan in October

● Amman

This city is filled with modern cafes, shopping malls and art galleries and has a special “young” and dynamic vibe. If you are looking for a more traditional Arab atmosphere, then head over to the downtown area and explore the effervescent souks and coffeehouses.

● Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, which actually is a lake, is something that’s essential to the Jordanian experience. The super saline content of the water lets you float without any effort. Just try your best not to ingest the water – it’s really really salty.

● Petra

“The Lost City” of Petra unquestionably deserves the title of being a “World Wonder”. This city dates back to 312 BC, and it is known for its rock carved architecture and history, which has only recently begun to be uncovered. Every avid traveler should include this destination on their bucket list!

Travel tip:  Make sure to stay hydrated when visiting Jordan, especially when traveling through the deserts.

5. Boston, USA

Boston is a diverse city which is best seen on foot. Every “type” of traveler will find an activity which is well suited for them: outdoor fanatics can go admire the fall colors, museum hoppers can learn plenty of history, and passionate foodies can indulge in delicious restaurants. Visit Boston in October to see the nation’s famous Columbus Day Parade, and enjoy the city’s enthusiasm for Halloween.

Credit: Stefano Montagner  / Flickr

Credit: Stefano Montagner  / Flickr


Temperatures average around 54°F/12°C

Things to Do in Boston in October

● Columbus Day

October is your chance to celebrate Boston’s 3-day holiday, which occurs the 2nd weekend of the month. With everything closed except shopping malls, it’s a good opportunity to chat with locals and figure out the best entertainment.  If you are in Boston the week before, go see the awesome Columbus Day Parade, which celebrates Boston’s Italian-American heritage.

● Duck tour

Learn all about the city by taking a tour inside an amphibious landing vehicle from the streets of Boston to the Charles River. This unique ride is made extra-special with the help of well-informed drivers that do not exclude humor from this ground-to-water tour.

● Head of the Charles Regatta

In October, you will also get the chance to see the Head of the Charles Regatta, which is the world’s largest 2-day rowing regatta.  Participants from a variety of top-notch crews ranging from amateurs to masters row across the Charles River – which flows between Boston and Cambridge. The best spot to observe the race is between the Anderson and Weeks bridges. Street food and entertainment will be present too!

Travel tip: We suggest taking a stroll around Beacon Hill and watching the jack-o-lanterns. The following tour is highly recommended:


6. The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Located 973 kilometers off the west coast of South America, the Galapagos Islands attract eco-tourists to its extensive wildlife, both above and below the surface of the ocean. October is the low season on the islands, so the boat and tourist services are much cheaper than usual. You don’t have to be a biologist to appreciate the extensive biodiversity of this Ecuadorian archipelago.

Credit: RHG /

Credit: RHG /


Temperatures average around 70.5°F/21°C

Things to Do in the Galapagos Islands in October

● Galapagos Beach at Tortuga Bay

Surf, kayak, snorkel, or simply go animal watching at Tortuga Bay. Despite the long hike to reach it, the end result is totally worth it. Bring some snacks and drinks to extend your time here.

● Snorkel Los Tuneles

To really gain insight on wildlife, you must go snorkeling at Los Tuneles. You will enjoy the magical underwater world and get up close to turtles, sharks, sea lions, penguins and sea horses in these volcanically formed tunnels.

● Nature + wildlife tours

If this is your first visit, it’s probably wise to take one of the provided tours lead by knowledgeable and experienced guides, rather than wondering off by yourself. This way, you will be taken to the best locations and taught more about the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands.

Travel tip: Do not forget to take plenty of memory cards for your camera, as well as a wide-angle lens, as they will come in handy!

 7. Bucharest Romania

The cultural city of Bucharest includes numerous museums, French-influenced architecture, colorful festivals all-year round, and great (cheap) nightlife. No wonder this city used to be called “Little Paris”. Being the main transportation and economic hub of Romania, and with its constant development over the last few years, Bucharest is thriving. It’s really worth “getting lost” in a city where post-soviet communism meets booming capitalism.  

Credit: Razvan Ionut Dragomirescu  /

Credit: Razvan Ionut Dragomirescu  /


Temperatures average around 53°F/12°C

Things to do in Bucharest in October

● Herastrau Park

Bucharest’s gem-of-a-park allows you to walk, or rent a bicycle as you enjoy its fall nature. Watch the sunset by the lake, and afterwards, enjoy a drink at one of the many bars and restaurants in the park.

● Village Museum

See how Romania’s village life used to be before computers and smart phones. This open air museum shows the country’s rich culture in the form of village homes taken from different eras of time.

● Lipscani

This busy street in the old town of Bucharest caters to all your entertainment and cultural needs. Select from a diversity of restaurants, cafes and shops. Ask locals on TripTogether to help you find a place with great live music! Oh, and watch out for pickpockets.

Travel tip: If you have spare time, take a day trip to visit the infamous Bran castle where Dracula used to reside. Some say, he still does…


8. Mauritius

Perhaps the wealthiest destination in Africa, Mauritius is a tropical paradise known for its white-sand beaches and crystal blue water.  Yes, you could spend your entire vacation sunbathing and sipping on an exotic cocktail, but we recommend you to go out and explore the island beyond your resort. The intriguingly complex history and the natural beauty of Mauritius, make it the perfect October getaway destination for all sorts of travelers.

Credit: dibrova /

Credit: dibrova /


Temperatures average around 73°F/23°C

Things to do in Mauritius in October

● Les 7 Cascades

Take a hike and see the incredible nature trails and remarkable waterfalls of Mauritius. Make sure you wear proper footwear and don’t forget your bathing suit.

● Trou d’Argent Beach

A long dreamy walk through the woods will take you to this secluded beach which is located between two cliffs. The name “Trou d’Argent” translates to “Money Hole” and comes from a rumored tale about buried pirate treasure.

● Dive Dream Diving Center

Discover Mauritius’s under-the-sea world with great divers and top-class equipment. The courses are suitable for all levels, so take this chance to improve your diving skills.

Travel tip: If you visit the Ganga Talao temple, be sure to grab some fruits so you can feed the monkeys you will meet there!  

9. Kathmandu, Nepal

October is the best time to visit Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The metropolitan city is a place notable for historical sites, including ancient temples and shrines. It is also surrounded by captivating and distinctive villages. The weather will be pleasant, which will also reveal astounding views of the mountains. During the month of October, Nepal celebrates Dashain, a Hindu festival which is the longest and the most anticipated festival in Nepal.

Credit: Esmar Abdul Hamid / Flickr

Credit: Esmar Abdul Hamid / Flickr


Temperatures average around 67°F/20°C

Things to do in Kathmandu in October

● Boudhanath

Spirituality, peace and culture: these are the 3 words that best describe the atmosphere in this Buddhist temple center. Enhance your experience by taking a walk around the Stupa and checking out the small shops for unique local items and souvenirs.  

● Ace the Himalaya – Private Day Tours

You can trek, climb or mountain-bike with this exceptional company which provides friendly guides with expertise that does not lack in entertainment or smiles. Reach the base camp of Mount Everest, if time allows, and cross that right off your bucket list!

● Kopan Monastery

Bring your camera to take photos of the beautiful scenery that this monastery has to offer. Friendly monks can teach you all about Buddhism and meditation. What better place to learn these practices than at the heart of their origin?

Travel tip: A good idea is to rent a bicycle to get around the city. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not cycle out of the city and into the wondrous hills?


10. Vancouver, Canada

No matter what floats your boat – shopping, trying out new foods, nature itself, or leading an active lifestyle – Vancouver is your place to be.  One interesting fact about Vancouver is that it was first named “Gastown” by its founder, Captain Jack Day. His nickname was “Gassy Jack” because he liked to tell loud stories and drink a lot of beer.  Nowadays, this part of town remains a historic site, commemorating Jack’s hobbies by being the location of many Vancouver’s best pubs and bars. 

Credit: romakoma  / 

Credit: romakoma  /


Temperatures average around 58°F/14°C

Things to do in Vancouver in October

● VanDusen Botanical Garden

Stroll into this magical oasis located in the middle of the city, and surround yourself with nature.  The garden is most enjoyable with a travel companion, and it’s always beautiful, no matter whether the sun shines or the rain pours. Prepare to encounter an assortment of birds, insects, butterflies and fall-painted trees.

● Stanley Park Ghost Train

Prepare to get the chills riding the Stanley Park Ghost Train through a mysterious world of Halloween. You’ll meet Dracula, Frankenstein, the Phantom of the Opera, and many other creepy characters which will all make your train ride an unforgettable October experience!

● Vancouver Downtown

Here you will find plenty of things to do while navigating your way between the city’s skyscrapers. Choose from a variety of restaurants, shops and bars and enjoy the laid back multicultural atmosphere in the super clean city environment.

Travel tip: Get around Vancouver City Center using the SkyTrain. You will enjoy views of the city that you will never forget.

Chat with locals on TripTogether and discover more about each destination.