Top 10 Destinations to Visit in September

Expert travelers know that if you want to save money and enjoy smaller crowds then you must travel during low season. But if you want to still enjoy the good weather, September is your best travel month. Destinations such as Cairo or Santorini still haven’t said goodbye to summer, whereas Beijing and Victoria Falls are booming in their high season. Read below about TripTogether’s September destinations, cool things to do in each location, and useful travel tips.

1. Cairo, Egypt

Now that the extreme summer heat is over, it is the perfect time to go sight-seeing in Egypt. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen as the temperatures are still quite high!


Temperatures average around 91.4°F/33° C

Things to Do in Cairo in September

● Giza Plateau

Pyramids are a definite must-see when traveling to Egypt. Let your imagination go wild and take yourself back to the ancient Egyptian civilization! This is one jaw-dropping experience.

● Felucca ride on the Nile River

Take a magical boat ride along the world’s longest river. We suggest you go on the Felucca ride right before sunset and watch the beautiful orange sun above the vibrant city of Cairo.

● Khan Al-Khalili

For authentic Egyptian souvenirs and handcrafts, visit the Khan Al-Khalili bazaar. If you are not into shopping, try the street food while sipping on an aromatic cup of Arabic coffee.

Travel tip: To avoid paying the tourist price always try to haggle. Haggling is part of the true Egyptian experience!


2. Melbourne, Australia

In September, the temperatures of Australia become moderate, so it’s the perfect time for a phenomenal adventure.


Temperatures average around 51.8°F/11°C

Things to Do in Melbourne in September

● Melbourne Cricket Ground

If you want to feel the true Australian spirit, head over to the Melbourne Cricket Ground and watch a match of the AFL (Australian Football League). The atmosphere created by the fans is truly a unique experience.

● Royal Botanical Gardens

Relax from the bustle of the city by taking a stroll in these beautiful gardens. Take binoculars with you and observe the diverse birdlife. 

● Block Arcade

This historical arcade has plenty to offer; from quirky shops, to cafes and tearooms filled with delicious cakes and sweets. Fans of architecture will love it here.

Travel tip: As it is still quite chilly, remember to pack a good rainproof/windproof jacket!


3. Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

If you are looking for a real getaway, head over to Victoria Falls and experience the greatness of Mother Nature. Find a travel companion on TripTogether to join and make this journey a spectacular one.


Temperatures average around 73°F/23C

Things to Do in Victoria Falls in September

● Victoria Falls National Park

Visiting the Victoria Falls is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. Remember to take a waterproof protector for your camera, as the waterfall tends to spray.

● Elephant-Back Safari

Elephants are the biggest land mammals and going on an elephant-back safari is an exhilarating experience. After the ride, thank your elephant by feeding it and giving it a good pet.

● Zambezi River Bridge

This gorgeous structure is shared both by Zimbabwe and Zambia, so crossing it will get you another stamp in your passport. If you are one of the daredevils, go bungee jumping and feel the adrenaline.

Travel tip: Try Glamping; camping with luxurious amenities and 5-star service.


4. San Francisco, USA

San Francisco always has a little bit of everything for every traveler. The city’s numerous attractions and excellent restaurants make it an essential September destination.


Temperature averages around 63°F/17°C

Things to Do in San Francisco in September

● San Francisco Bay

Catch a ferry, tour the Golden Gate Bridge, eat delicious food, and listen to street music; these are just a few things you can do in the Bay Area. Charge your camera battery as you will be shooting plenty of wonderful photos.

● Wine Country Tour

Take a day trip to Napa Valley and get prepared for a relaxing day filled with touring wineries and tasting fragrant Californian wines. A great way to end this tour is to take the ferry back to the city and enjoy the amazing views of San Francisco.

● Mission Dolores Park

This park is one of San Francisco’s hot spots amongst the locals. It’s a great place for people watching or having a picnic, if the weather allows it, of course. Climb on top of the hill and see a remarkable view of the city!

Travel tip: Dress in layers and wear comfortable shoes. The weather in San Francisco can be tricky.


5. Beijing, China

This capital city provides you with a wealth of history, stretching all the way back to at least 3,000 years before our days. Ask for local advice on TripTogether to maximize your travel experience.


Temperatures average around 68°F/20°C

Things to Do in Beijing in September

● Great Wall

It may be about a 90-minute drive, but it’s totally worth it if you want to visit this World Wonder. The Great Wall of China, the longest man-made structure in the world, is certainly essential for your sight-seeing.

● Temple of Heaven

The incredible architecture of this temple is not to be missed. Prepare your camera and don’t forget to check the acoustic effect inside the temple created by its circular Echo Wall.

● Hall of Great Harmony

This structure is a magnificent reflection of Chinese culture. The place is full of myths, tales, and history; the ancient Chinese even regarded it as the center of the universe.

Travel tip: As September falls into the high season of Beijing, make sure you start your tours early to avoid mass crowds.


6. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

If you are an adventure seeker, Yellowstone National Park is definitely the place for you. Camping, fishing, mountain biking, and rafting; these are only a few thrilling activities which you can do!


Temperatures average around 50°F/10°C

Things to Do in Yellowstone National Park in September

● Camping/ Renting a Lodge

There is no better way to experience the beautiful nature of Yellowstone National Park other than camping. Check out the camping grounds here:

● Hiking

Yellowstone has over 1,000 miles of hiking trails leading to various points of interests. We suggest you visit the Old Faithful hot springs and see the largest hot spring in the United Stats -Grand Prismatic Spring.

● Fishing:  September is an ideal time to fish, as the weather is mild, and the crowds are smaller. Before you go, get a fishing permit and familiarize yourself with Yellowstone’s fishing regulations.

Travel tip: Before a hike, pack some snacks and drinks into a cooler and remember – don’t litter!


7. Paris, France

To quote Audrey Hepburn “Paris is always a good idea.” An even better idea is to travel there at the end of the season. You can see more in a shorter period of time, as the main attractions will be less crowded!


Temperatures averages around 63.5°F/17.5°C

Things to do in Paris in September

● Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is the ultimate Parisian must-see and September is the perfect time for your visit. If the weather is pleasant, take a picnic at the Champs de Mars Park.

● Seine River Cruise

They say the Seine is the most romantic river in the world. Why don’t you see for yourself and take your travel companion on a cruise down this dreamy river?

● Day Trip to Versailles

If you are staying in Paris for a longer period of time, take a day trip to Versailles. The Palace of Versailles is filled with wonder and history, from Marie Antoinette’s wedding to the signing of the Peace Treaty by the Allies and Germany.

Travel tip: Days of Heritage take place during the 3rd week of September. This is your chance to see buildings and monuments which are usually closed to the public. For more information


8. Santorini, Greece

This picturesque little destination is well-known by most travelers for its white buildings and cute blue rooftops.  This September, submerge yourself into the relaxing Greek culture while avoiding the crowds.


Temperatures average around 78°F/26°C

Things to do in Santorini in September

● Oia

Rent a quad bike and get lost in the beauty of Oia. After seeing the city, watch the sun sink into the water while sipping on an ice-cold frappe.

● Perivolos Beach

Summer is not over yet in Santorini. Make use of the warm weather, sunbathe, eat ice cream, and take a dip into the Aegean Sea.  

● Santo Winery

The Greek atmosphere is best paired with a glass of red wine served together with a cheese platter. The location of this winery will give you one of the best views that you can find on this island.

Travel tip: Ask locals where to grab a cheap but tasty bite! They know their restaurants best.


9. Barcelona, Spain

The rich history and notable architecture make Barcelona one of tourists’ favorite places to visit. Don’t forget to eat at the tapas bars. Your taste buds will thank you!



Temperatures average around 78°F/26°C

Things to do in Barcelona in September

● La Mercè

La Mercè festival takes places at the end of summer and it is a great opportunity to integrate with the locals. The festival is filled with music, arts, performances, and parades, which all guarantee excellent amusement.

● Basilica of the Sagrada Familia

One of the world’s most impressive architectural masterpieces is Barcelona’s clear must-see. Remember to buy tickets beforehand if you want to avoid the lines!

● CosmoCaixa Barcelona

This activity is ideal for museum fans and young science geeks. There are plenty of hands-on displays and experiments which are great for kids and grown-ups alike.

Travel tip: Be aware of pickpockets in Las Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter.


10. Cucso, Peru

Known for its archeological remains and Spanish colonial architecture, Cusco was once the capital of the Inca Empire. Experience this lively high-altitude city and find its many hidden wonders. 


Temperatures average around 55.4°F/13°C

Things to do in Cusco in September

● Machu Picchu

Take a day tour to see this fantastic Incan citadel set high up in the Andes Mountains. Take in this mysterious surrounding and attempt a photo that reflects it in an original light.

● Centro Historico de Cusco

Pick one of the many restaurants in the historical center of Cusco and indulge yourself in local food. This is a great chance to see the greatest Incan architecture in Peru.

● Ausangate

This is your opportunity to see one of the most breathtaking sceneries and landscapes in Peru. Trek the Ausangate, the highest mountain in Cusco, and embrace every moment for your memories.

Travel Tip: Be sure to dress appropriately as it does get drafty when taking long hikes.

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